How to Send Files Using SHAREit From Android to Android

SHAREit is one of the best and fast app to transfer the files by WIFI without any network connection:

Here this article will guide you to transfer files from android device to another device, it’s a wonder that the app has over half a billion followers, once if you have look what’s app this app can do surely you will feel love with it too. So, let’s go head. SHAREit, here is to make your large files rush across with lighting speed; it works essentially with bandwidth which entirely free to carry your files which makes the app so lightning fast!!

How to Send Files Using SHAREit From Android to Android

Process to use SHAREit to transfer files on Android:


  • To start transferring files between one android to another android device, initially you need SHAREit application. So download SHAREit App
  • The devices which going to transfer files should have WIFI Functionality ( only WIFI no need of Data connection)

Step to Transfer the files:

  1. You have files to send readily on your mobile right, now click “Send”
  2. Select all the files which you want to transfer to other device, there is no limit to the size, you can share multiple file at one go
  3. You can select any files like documents, songs, videos and photos
  4. Now, after selecting files, click on “next”
  5. The app will now search for nearby android Shareit devices
  6. Open the Shareit app on your device and click on “Receive”
  7. Now the other android app will show all the devices nearby it, click on the device on which you want to. So that it will receive the files which are sent by another android device
  8. That’s it!!! Your files will blaze right across, so you can transfer a file within minutes

Some tricks and tips – sharing files over SHAREit app to Android

Sometimes users may face some problems while connecting to other devices. So, here we help you how to troubleshoot some of the common errors, one might face them

SHAREit can’t find other devices on the Radar?

It happens sometimes where app doesn’t recognize other devices, so here to come this issue you can try reverse connection, i.e., send some files from another device to your device.

SHAREit will be fast sometimes and sometimes slow, what is the reason?

The common reason where transfer of files will become slow is if users WIFI connection signals is weak or the other device that is used as well. So, here no need to get user off the WIFI though, you can disconnect wifi overall. SHAREit will make your phone into hotspot to which your other device can connect. Where you can transfer files easily

Where are the files which received, through SHAREit?

Usually, the location of files is set by default to the folder called “SHAREit”  in internal storage. User can change it to another folder. You can check and edit the location anytime by going to “Settings”.

So, this all about transferring files to one android to another android device with SHAREit , hope its help you. Share your suggestion with us

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